Global Alliance board members.

Usually in these posts reason prevails over emotion. I try to put my ideas in order and provide clues and references for the professional development of the PR industry. On this occasion, I am going to express the emotion of my recent appointment as chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the federation that gathers communications associations and academic institutions around the world.

The first emotion that comes out is of gratitude to all who have brought the Global Alliance here, from its founders to all the presidents and their governing councils: Gregor Halff (Singapore), Anne Gregory (UK), Daniel Tisch (Canada) ), John Paluszek (United States), Colin Farrington (United Kingdom), Sej Motau (South Africa), Jean Valin (Canada), Toni Muzi Falconi (Italy) and Deanna Pelfrey (United States). Gratefulness is especially intense for my predecessor, professor Gregor Halff, who has dedicated to the Global Alliance time, passion and resources, without losing a moment despite distances, time zones, long journeys and even family responsibilities.

The second emotion is also grateful to those who at some point in my professional life have encouraged me to face new challenges. I don’t need to quote them because each of them knows who they are and what they mean to me. From the soda factory to Coca Cola (this metaphor can only be understood by one person) there is a long journey whose milestones are learning, affections and experiences. I have been fortunate to enjoy many good mentors who at one time believed in me more than I in myself.

The third one is also a thank-you for my colleagues, especially those who are part of the Association of Communication Directors (Dircom), whose presidency I had the honor to perform from 2008 to 2014. My choice is a consequence of the support of the current and the previous boards and the ambition to place Dircom in the main international forums, a vision that I had with Sebastián Cebrián when we attended the World Public Relations Forum held in 2010 in Stockholm. Two years later, in Melbourne, we received the mandate to organize the WPRF in Madrid in 2014. The Madrid forum was the most international and profitable in the history of the Global Alliance and was a turning point in the future of Dircom.

And, finally, I feel the emotion of coherence, a feeling of well-being that comes when your actions are inspired by a vital purpose: to help the profession advance and the communicators occupy increasingly strategic and relevant positions in their organizations. At age 20 I wanted to travel all over the world. At 30 I wanted to keep going. At 40 I began to feel that I had to contribute to a collective good and I found it in professional commitment. Dircom reaffirmed me in that purpose and the Global Alliance again inspires my vision of the function that makes people able to live together. In this house I feel that I share a cause.

I begin a stage of service to Global Alliance members and partners and through them to the Public Relations community. Mahatma Ghandi said: «Almost everything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.«

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